Photographer: GP Parhar

Models & HMU: Shaleesa Rowley & Tam Ali

Clothing & Direction: Olivia Aubrecht/ OLA Clothing

Each of these garments were handmade with care and attention from reclaimed textiles. Above you will see a puff sleeve top made from an old curtain, pants from an old sheet and naturally dyed with Joe Pie Weed. There is a dress made from an old hammock that has been dyed using reactive dyes. There was a lilac dress made from 2m of scrap fabric in which the design eliminated any cut off waste, resulting in a zero waste dress. One garment at a time; I hope to change the way we look at fashion design.


Photography & Edits: Matt Beal

Film Photos: Olivia Aubrecht

Models & HMU: Taylor Conrad & Michelle McPherson

Clothing & Direction: OLA Clothing & Matt Beal

When warm summer air starts to fade and the autumn nip sets in. Somewhere between savory and sweet this collection was made from reclaimed cotton sheets dressed on some very familiar faces. A fun day catching up with dear old friends immersed in Nova Scotia's scenery. 


Photography: GP Parhar

Models & HMU: Sacha Amini & Olivia Aubrecht

Clothing & Styling: OLA Clothing

A playful trip around the block.

All clothing items are created from deadstock fabric.

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